Affin president and group chief executive officer Datuk Wan Razly Abdullah Wan Ali

KUALA LUMPUR: Affin Bank Bhd, which posted a 24.5% jump in net profit to RM146.9mil in the second quarter ended June 30, remains cautious given the challenging macro and geopolitical environment.

“We are continuously ensuring our liquidity, credit quality, and capital reserve levels remain sufficient to weather these uncertain times.

“With a vision to be creative in terms of innovation and technology, providing unrivalled customer service and value creation for our shareholders, customers, and our employees, we will be introducing new and enhanced services including a new mobile banking app scheduled to be launched in October 2022,” president and group chief executive officer Datuk Wan Razly Abdullah said in a statement.

The bank’s revenue in 2Q was marginally higher at RM579.2mil from RM578.9mil a year prior while earnings per share rose to 6.92 sen earnings per share against 5.62 sen previously.

For the first six months to June 30 (1H22), Affin posted a net profit of RM289.6mil, up 55% from RM186.9mil.

Revenue, however, was lower at RM1.1bil against RM1.11bil last year.

Wan Razly said the improvement in profit for 1H2022 was mainly driven by improved net interest income, and Islamic banking income, all of which are in line with the group’s AIM22 growth plans.

“Affin Bank and Affin Islamic Bank continue to anchor earnings of the group, with Affin Islamic recording an increase of 70.5% to RM147.9million in pre-tax profit (PBT) due to financing growth and lower impairment allowances,” he added.


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The bank’s net interest income (NII) recorded was RM488.1mil, up 16.7% as compared to the previous financial period of RM418.1mil, mainly due to loan growth in 1H22.

Affin Islamic Bank is a significant contributor to the group as its PBT recorded an increase of 70.5% to RM 147.9mil due to financing growth and lower impairment allowances.

Affin Islamic Bank’s stronger PBT was due to more robust financing growth which grew 18.6% year-on-year (YoY)and lower impairment allowances.

Affin said its non-interest income for the period under review was RM306.6mil, a decrease of RM136.2mil or 30.8% from RM442.8mil registered in the previous corresponding period.

The decrease in non-interest income was due to lower net gain on sales of financial instruments, other income, and net fee and commission income.

Operating expenses increased slightly to RM690.8mil for the period ended June 30 as compared to RM681mil in the same period of the previous year.

The cost-income ratio for the period under review is 62.3%, a slight increase from 61.0% in 1H21.

As of June 30, the group’s total loans, advances, and financing grew by 15% YoY to RM55.4bil contributed mainly by the 21.6% growth in the community banking segment.

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